Summary: In this bestselling textbook, the book is divided into topical units with fun chapter titles like “Taking a Drive” and “Dining in Style.” In each unit, a theme is covered that is associated with everyday life in America, but also use the theme to learn grammatical aspects of English. For example, in the “Taking a Drive” chapter students will learn vocabulary surrounding cars, the DMV, police officers and overall driving while also learning the present simple tense, comparative words and superlatives as well!


  • The best thing about this text is that it also touches the use of American slangs, idioms and other useful phrases that are used on daily basis.
  • Students are able to learn what type of English language is appropriate for a variety of surroundings.
  • Throughout the book are “pronunciation pointers” that give students helpful hints on pronunciation. Here’s an example from unit one:

In spoken English, we often drop the –ing ending of words. This means that how’s it going will sound like how’s it goin’. Nothing sounds like nothin’ –Page 3

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