Certification in Teaching Business English : CTBE

This is a 90 hour certificate course and covers the various aspects related to teaching English for persons who want to learn the language for business purposes. An additional specialization in the CTBE certification course will equip you better to apply for jobs that require teaching English to adults in the corporate scenario. Considering that globally English is the preferred language for business communication, the employment opportunities in this sector are high. So the CTBE certificate would definitely be a positive and impressive addition to your CV. By purchasing our course at regular price, you can obtain the CTBE certificate for free which otherwise would set you back by $399 USD.

International Teaching Certifications

Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners : CTEYL

The CTYEL is a 90 hour certification course that offers you training for effectively teaching English to young learners - teenagers and children. Considering that several countries, recognising the importance of knowing the English language have initiated English teaching programs in private and public schools as well as in private institutes, the employment opportunities in this sector are also quite high. By purchasing our course at regular price, you can obtain the CTEYL certificate for free which otherwise would set you back by $399 USD.

TESOLS' internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL online certification program strives to offer maximum value to you. Besides the above free certification programs that you can take, enrolling for our online course or any other specialized course before the end of this month gives you access to our valuable online resource database. The database has a collection of our lesson plans and teaching materials that we use in our courses. You can download or print these resources and they will serve as lifelong references for you in your teaching English career as they are equipped with guidance tips.

Global Issues

Worldwide issues are those political, economic, social, or environmental factors affecting the people and environments beyond national borders. These issues need trans-national solutions which should be collaborative decisions that are discussed and adopted by the majority. Citations exist among global problems like conflict, war, pollution, illness, climate change, hunger and malnutrition. International schools are institutions that have stakeholders which are in tune with the complex nature of global issues.

2.1 Creates, implements, evaluates, teaching exercises to unite people on global issues

Main goal of this teaching programme is to improve empathy and appreciation of global problems. It should integrate a wide number of lessons, showing the instructor’s capability to use many different learning techniques and strategies, like innovation and experimental tactics.

Professional log:

  • analyze your personal cultural beliefs and intentions show and how they are presented in your instructional style
  • describe the procedure you used to measure the improvement in your student’s knowledge and understanding of the global problem presented
  • assess the relative strengths and any weaknesses of your teaching plan, and suggest changes to be made the next time it is used

2.2 Familiarise the diversification that exists among pupils and motivates them accordingly

To understand the dissimilar needs of multicultural students, the expectation is for the teacher to interact with distinction, motivation, and a range of learning and teaching methods, and that he or she modifies the testing methods and uses appropriate learning methods related to pedagogy in the international and multicultural realm.

Professional log:

  • discuss the diversity of your learning group explain what methods of differentiation used
  • explain some ways to motivate your students
  • consider how you will build up a profile for each student

2.3 Inspire collaborative education

Students learn better when actively engaged in learning activities and peer interaction

Professional log:

  • present a recent sample showing when you utilized active learning successfully
  • explain your utilization of collaborative learning within your classroom
  • examine the resources that you utilize and how they are modified to improve collaboration

2.4 Examines techniques of moving learning beyond the classroom to create global views

When intercultural issues are integrated into the curriculum, students are stimulated to extend learning opportunities and take insightful actions. The programme should have suitable extra work and more follow-up exercises to encourage students to expand upon the themes presented and further prompt investigation of global issues from differing perspectives.

Professional log:

  • describe a time when your learners suggested an extension to learning tactics about global problems
  • identify crucial moments of opportunity to improve your programme objectives

Programme Plan

  • present your insights about how your pupils view and learn most effectively about global issues beyond the classroom

Each candidate is evaluated against each Standard and given the following “grades” by the assessor, a separate rating for all of the Standards.

  • Achievement
  • Description
  • Accuracy

Evidentiary categories

Focus throughout the programme is developing and the understanding of instruction in an internationally-minded context, as well as reflection on their practice to acquire appropriate professional development.

The categories are:

    • teaching evidence

This must relate directly to instructional practice, and must be original and have been created by the teacher.

    • learning evidence

This must show the impact the teacher has had on the students, school, or community. It is attributed to the teacher, even though not created or implemented by him or her.

    • reflective evidence

This must show your growth in professional development due to consistent evaluation of the candidate’s own practice.

    • inquiry evidence

Relating to additional research, reading, and engagement plus trending theories in the field of intercultural and international education.


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