china  CHINA

Since the beginning of the 21st century, China has managed to remain at the forefront of world economy and there are no indications that this will change. China looks all set to zoom ahead in the years to come. It is a wonderful opportunity for TEFL teachers that Chinese have recognised the importance of English in global communications spawning a huge demand for English teaching professionals in that country. Some reports suggest that there are an estimated 400 million Chinese people who desire to learn English. Thus China has tremendous employment potential for professionally qualified English teachers.

spain  SPAIN

Several jobs in Spain demand fluency in English, so the requirement for native English TEFL teachers is high. The government gives great importance to the English language as is evident by the fact that the language is compulsory in all state schools. Only experienced TEFL teachers are considered for English teaching positions in state schools. But there are numerous opportunities for fresh TEFL graduates or teachers with less experience to teach English in several private English Teaching institutes that have come up all over the country. So Spain is a good option.

turkey  TURKEY

The jobs market for TEFL professionals is on an upswing in Turkey. Many people in Turkey are now motivated to acquire a working knowledge of the English language because the country is making serious attempts to enter the European, Union. If this occurs, Turkey will have greater exposure to business and other opportunities across Europe and people who can communicate well in English will definitely be in an advantageous position. The job opportunities for teaching English in Turkey exist in public and private schools and private institutes across the country.

brazil  BRAZIL

The Brazilian economy has seen a steady climb over the last few years, and Brazil is on its way to becoming an economic stronghold in the coming years. Financial growth in any country exposes the country to greater business and other opportunities around the world. Considering that English remains the global communication language, Brazil is keenly looking for professional English teachers. Having said that, it is necessary to add that the job opportunities in Brazil are not huge, especially for freshers and TEFL teachers with limited experience. However professionals with considerable experience in niche areas will definitely get good opportunities in Brazil.

south-africa  SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa offers tremendous opportunities for teaching English on a voluntary basis, though the opportunity for paid work is less here. The British Council in Johannesburg does offer potential for paid employment. There are some opportunities for paid work to teach English in cities that are business centers such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

japan  JAPAN

Most Asian countries are practically begging for English speakers to teach the language and you can easily find work there. Most Japanese schools recruit all year round and provide successful applicants with a Visa, sponsorship, your own apartment and partially paid national insurance, as-well-as other perks! You also get to live in one of the world’s most advanced countries and are sure to have some incredible experiences.

france  FRANCE

It’s surprisingly easy to find a job teaching English in France as the demand for teachers surpasses the supply. If you have a Bachelor’s Degree in almost any subject and a working knowledge of French, you’re already well on your way to a job. As France is a part of the EU you don’t have to worry about Visa’s or work permits, making France one of the easiest options to choose.

italy  ITALY

For fantastic food and amazing weather Italy is the place to be! Travel is cheap and the people are friendly, however one snag is the sheer amount of red tape that can make getting a job more difficult than it needs to be.

korea  KOREA

Teaching in South Korea is often highly lucrative and the rewards can be substantial. The people are friendly and the country is incredibly safe (except for the North Koreans). Perks often include free accommodation, reimbursed airfare, insurance benefits, decent salaries and a very low cost of living. You will need a bachelor’s degree to be eligible.

uae  UAE

Not only is the UAE one of the wealthiest nations on Earth it also offers some of the highest paying teaching jobs in the world. The culture shock may be a challenge but the financial rewards and the experience gained should be well worth it.

mexico  MEXICO

Offering beautiful countryside and hectic city living Mexico is a great place to earn experience and embrace a new culture. The demand for English teachers in the country is huge and finding a job is incredibly easy. You will also be well paid as the cost of living in Mexico is pretty low.

russia  RUSSIA

If you don’t mind the cold and love your vodka then Russia is the place for you. Demand for English teachers far exceeds supply so finding work is easy. You will often receive the benefit of VISA support, free accommodation and your airfares paid for. The biggest institutions in the vast country are English First and BKC International.


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