Frequently Asked Questions

The TESOLS' certificate that you obtain from us is a qualification that prepares you to teach English professionally and effectively to those people for whom English is not the native language. With the certificate under your belt, you can get access to English teaching jobs in a variety of environments like private or public schools and private institutes (not schools). You can also avail English teaching job opportunities in the private and public corporate sector. Please keep in mind that that minimum course duration for a TESOL certificate to be recognised internationally is 100 hours. Our certificate is awarded to you only after you have put in 160 hours, thereby surpassing the minimum duration requirement.
Many TEFL/TESOL certification providers provide shorter duration certification courses. You will get a certificate
no doubt, but one that is not internationally recognised
Teaching is a matter of bringing what you know across to your students. We don't have to teach you how to speak English; we teach you how to bring that across. If you attend each day, participate in the lessons, and complete your mini-lesson, you will understand how your students feel to be ESL learners and you will know how to help them learn.
The whole world is open to you for applying your English teaching skills. You have many countries to choose from. The actual numbers may range from 190 - 266. Given the tremendous importance of English, employment opportunities for internationally qualified English professionals exist in most of the countries. Only a handful of countries like Iraq, Bhutan and Korea, which consider English and Westernism as "negative" influences are exceptions. View our TESOL careers pages for more information on various countries where you can work, post completion of the course.
The truthful answer to that would be no. Some institutes do offer jobs to individuals who do not possess a TESOL/TEFL certification. But such jobs do not pay well, nor are they located in the best of environments. If you have the internationally recognised TESOLS TEFL certification, you will be able to apply for the top of the line institutes and in the best environments for teaching English. Your certificate also ensures that you are in a position of strength to negotiate salary and other terms with your prospective employers. And most importantly, your TESOL TEFL course has fully prepared you for your teaching experience. This gives you confidence that is manifested as superior on job performance.
Yes. The shrinking world has ensured large immigrant populations in several native English speaking countries. These individuals have a strong desire to be able to communicate in English so as to blend better in the native environment. So there are numerous employment opportunities in this area. In fact, in such areas, job opportunities are aplenty in summer schools. Full time positions in language institutes and schools see tremendous competition. As a result, the teaching practice that you gather and the quality of your course assume critical proportions in increasing your chances for securing these jobs.
No. Institutes usually request you not to speak in the local language even if you do know it. It is recommended that you use English at all times to converse with your students, giving them greater opportunities to familiarize themselves with understanding the language and even attempting to respond back in English.
You can definitely give the reference of TESOLS course Director for your TEFL employment applications. We will be more than happy to supply suitable references for our students.

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