150 Hour Specialist I Course

150 Hour Specialist I Course



A candidate must include each of these things in a professional portfolio:

Certification required work;

1 Personal description and statement concerning professional context of candidate which:

  • Tells why the candidate wants to join an ITC programm.
  • Tells what the candidate’s expectation of ITC will be discusses the institution where candidate works.
  • Give general information about the school’s pupils.
  • Gives background info about the school’s community.
  • Supplied cover sheet must be submitted along with each Standard.

2 Evidence that satisfies each of the TESOLS Teacher Certificate standards

In the portfolio, each candidate must show five separate pieces of work

Each is a practice-based activity and reflects directly on each of the five TESOLS Standards:

  • Create and implement an extra-curricular project involving the community.
  • Plan and instruct a learning programmed focused on global issues. Self-assess and evaluate.
  • Create and carry out a workshop on language dimensions of international students.
  • Implement and complete two case studies of transitional students.
  • Complete and reflect upon their personal development plan as it pertains to international students.

For each of the required Standards, a candidate must provide:

  • Core required evidence.
  • Professional entry logs on implementation.
  • Reflective Report when finished.

When the evidence is in a language other than English, a candidate must insert translations or summaries for easy engagement of the examiners. It must be part of the files, and not simply added files.

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