120 Hour Major Course

120 Hour Major Course


ITC activities that teachers undertake are intended to both teach and contribute to the candidate’s best practices. They are typical practices of an international teacher, including focal points for further development, like research into theories related to activity focus.

Candidates need for each Standard:

  • to produce the core evidence
  • to maintain a log that responds to prompts on each performance point.
  • to complete a reflective report that corresponds to a prompt,

1.1 Candidate will design activities contributing to the school’s cultural life and involve the community.

Internationally-minded teachers are expected to engage with students and introduce them to local culture and the community.

Professional log:

  • You must clearly state why the activity was chosen, and the extent of your involvement in designing it.
  • You must detail how it helped the cultural life of the school and local community.
  • You must comment on how the perceptions of those involved were changed.

1.2 Conveys their knowledge and insight of the local culture and the goal is to develop internationally-minded instructors that assist in creating an open awareness of that culture. He or she finds ways to encourage appreciation of that culture. The internationally-minded instructor seeks to expand the knowledge of national and local culture to enhance the student experience.

In your teaching log:

  • detail your exploration of the elements of local culture as you understand them.
  • explain the extent with which students are aware of issues locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • reflect on some benefits to the students from the activities you have used to engage the local community the local community.

1.3 Creates an intercultural environment in the school

International students must explore additional opportunities that extend teaching and embrace cultural differences.
Professional log:

  • discuss previously introduced intercultural themes in your practice.
  • address some new ways to bring intercultural themes into the classroom and
  • discuss challenges encountered in doing so
  • reflect on the extent of your student’s newly acquired intercultural awareness

1.4 Develops consensus between students of widely differing backgrounds

The expectation is that internationally-minded teachers will have an awareness of a wide range of needs arising from the diverse student population.

Professional log:

  • explain your investigate procedure for exploring diversity and the cultural expectations of the student body
  • explain how the environment you create encourages acceptance among culturally diverse students
  • examine factors which establish mutual understanding opportunities or hinder reciprocated empathy among pupils

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