5 English Teaching Steps In A Foreign Country

5  English Teaching Steps In A Foreign Country


  1. Register For English Teaching Course
  2. Earn your certification
  3. Pick a country of your choice for your teaching job
  4. We will help you search for a job in any country of choice
  5. Then, Start your English teaching abroad

Register for English Teaching Course

Our TEFL/TESOL/TESL lecturers cover a broad variety of teaching ability. Our instructors will give you both theoretical and practical training approaches. You will get the practical skills needed from a real live teaching experience with active ESL students in class. This kind of teaching experience is an effective required opportunity for you to practice all that you have been thought. The “In-class” hand-on teaching makes you a bold and effective teacher after certification. In the end, you become a teacher with experience and not just a teacher that knows the theories.
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Earn your certification

When you register and complete our English teaching courses, you will earn a certification that proves your skills and worth to prospective employers. Earning an Oxford Seminars English teaching Certification proves that you have all it takes to teach English language to foreigners who need to learn English as second language. Your certification is also a show that you are ready to take up a teaching job and be seriously committed to teaching in any school that employs you. We have over 100 training locations all over Canada and US.
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Pick a country of your choice for you teaching job

Everyone who registers for English teaching training has a country or location where that he or she will prefer to stay and teach. If you do not have any location in mind and have register for English training course, you can use our catalog of country information to make your pick easier. We have over 50 different countries listing there. You can make a good comparison of salaries, country requirement, money saving potentials for staying and teaching in a country and also compare the other added benefits.
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We will help you search for a job in any country of your choice

We offer job placement assistant to teachers who earn their English certification from Oxford. We help identify job positions that best suits the type of English certification course that you have, provide professional guide using your personality, rated skills and goals. Guide you on application process and train you on the best ways to prepare teaching job interviews. Our value added services will definitely help you secure a rewarding job placement.
Job Search and Placement Services

Start your English teaching abroad

If you are Oxford Seminars TESOL/TEFL/TESL certified, thumbs-up and well done! Now you have the required tool to earn a living from ESL teaching and to wax great at doing that. You are advised to explore our job search and placement services and Start your English teaching abroad today!
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