Our teacher training certification course offers more benefits to you than any other comparable course offered by other providers. We ensure that you are more than adequately prepared to embark on an English teaching career once you graduate from our course. The TESOLS Certificate will enhance the value of your CV and give you a definite advantage over individuals who do not possess such a certification, while exploring English teaching job opportunities. This is because more and more prospective employers worldwide are looking at an internationally acclaimed teaching certification such as TESOLS' certification as a standard requirement while considering applicants for the job.

At the end of the course, you will receive the internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL certificate both in hard copy and well as electronic format. We also mail letters of recommendation as per your requirements to help you move further towards securing your dream job.

The major benefit of our course is that you can count on our permanent job guidance program.

Besides the above benefit, our online TESOL programs include the following features for your advantage.
Post Course Benefits

  • We offer you lifelong employment contacts worldwide
  • We offer assistance in Job Search and train you on interview techniques and help in building your resume
  • You can use our TEFL Job Forum forever, where you can share your professional experiences for the benefit of others and similarly benefit from the experiences of others.

Related to the Course

  • 150 hours of course material that you can access any time by printing or downloading
  • An individual tutor to help you and offer tips
  • A duration of one year to finish the program. So you have flexibility in terms of completing the course.

Opportunities for Practical Training

  • You will get an opportunity to watch videos of real teachers in action, teaching different levels of ESL, and access to peer reviews.

Feedback from Instructors

  • Quick views and responses from instructors on practical exercises that help you improve your methodologies and techniques.
  • A "look within" into your own training methods and practical preferences that help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses effectively.

Interaction with the Community

  • You will have opportunities to be part of our discussion forums that enable you to have discussions with like minded professionals, where you can learn from others.
  • You get access to teaching ideas and suggestions by discussions with experienced teachers.
  • Interaction and discussion lead to better understanding of the theoretical concepts of teaching and practical strategies that can be employed in teaching, which guide you towards becoming a qualified English teacher.

Qualification Benefits

  • With your basic TESOLS qualification in place, you can proceed further to take the Elective Teaching Practices or Elective Teaching Business English Programs.

Get 160hr ACCREDITED Online TESOL Certification Only for $295. Limited Time Offer. Enroll Now


Get 160hr ACCREDITED Online TESOL Certification Only for $295. Limited Time Offer. Enroll Now